To Download the Suetterlin-Font (TTF Font)

English Description for MS Windows 95/97.

1) After you clicked on the "download" command (on the Internet site), the file will download automatically.
2) A Suetterlin menu will appear - click on "Done"
3) Go to your C Hard Drive (or wherever your Program files are stored) and look for the Suetterlin Icon (if it is there - follow below description)
4) Go to your Desktop - click on: My Computer
5) Choose: Control Panel
6) Click on: Fonts
7) Click on: File, Install New Font - you will see another menu
8) Go to the field where the C Drive is, put your cursor on the "C", you might have to double click the "C"
9) Scroll down and double click on: unzipped (unzipped will jump to the top - under the "C")
10) Scroll down to Suefrag1 Suetterlin, double click and the Font (Suefrag1 Suetterlin) will show up in the upper
field of the menu where it said "List of Fonts"
11) Click on: OK - and the Suetterlin Font will be installed into your Font menu
12) Close down your computer and re-start it, then the Suetterlin Font should be in your regular Font menu

(On my computer the Suetterlin Font is placed right after the Surfer Font)