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Black letter in books
In contrast to the Suetterlin script, black letter is a typeface that was used in several variations from the 16th century until about 1940. Many people possess even older books that are printed in black letter.

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The "blackletter typeface" Gotik, Schwabacher, and Fraktur

The terms "Gotik" and "Fraktur" include a wide variety of fonts that are quite similar to each other. Generically, they are called blackletter fonts. The change could already be seen in the 12th century, when the curves of the minuscule script were broken into angles. The descenders were turned. The axle of this font is steep, narrower than earlier, and the vertical lines are emphasized. First came the gothic typeface, which became increasingly narrower and steeper in the 13th century. In the 14th century, this break grew. Not only were the ends of the vertical strokes turned to points; slanting the strokes at the top and bottom ends developed into a double break. This gave rise to the "Textura".
The "Notula" and the "Bastarda" developed from italics and were further developed variously by region. In Mainz, for example, the script developed into the "Schwabacher". Later, the stroke ends were replaced by serifs (simple break) and "Fraktur" developed..

Comparison of the alphabet in Gotik, Schwabacher, and Fraktur fonts::




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